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Video Production Magic, Your Vision in Media

Cholla Production LLC has been creating quality affordable video production services since 2003. From concept to the final product we provide “Your Vision in Media.”


What I do:

  • Production on location (or in-studio) video recording

  • Post-production (editing using Avid software)

  • Helping with the script

  • Delivering final product in various formats


Past Projects:

  • Highlight Reels (for speakers and businesses)

  • Online web series

  • Capturing footage at events (and post-production – business, sporting, theatre)

  • Multi-media ad creation

  • Editor/Videographer for a television show

  • Educational videos

We can record your video at a studio or at your location by appointment.

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On Location

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Phoenix Metro Foundation

Arizona Production Association

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We can work with you from Concept to Final Production.
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Create a Script

We will work with you to create a script and shot list that will present the information the way you want it presented.


We record the audio and video portions of the presentation with professional lighting and audio.

Post Production

Video, audio, pictures, charts and graphs are edited together to create a professional and finished product.


Final Product

The final product is viewed on a private password protected viewing channel or in studio.