Instructional /Educational Videos

Instructional Videos

Cholla Production can produce videos that educate and inform your customers. Instructional video can include the proper use of equipment. Educational video is information that is related to services you offer.  Perhaps you have another subject matter that you would like to educate people on. Video utilizes both visual and audio to provide a very effective media for education or your instructional video.

We can work with you from Concept to Final Production

English to Spanish translation is also available.

First We Create a Script
We will work with you to create a script and shot list that will present the information the way you want it presented. We utilize your audio, video, pictures, charts and graphs to present the information you wish to share in an interesting and easy to understand presentation. After the script has been  approved we move into production.

We record the audio and video portions of the presentation with professional lighting and audio. These can be recorded in our studio where we can use a green screen or other backdrops.  You can have the use of a teleprompter.  We can also record at your location.

Post Production
Video, audio, pictures, charts and graphs are edited together to create a professional and finished product. You are welcome to be as involved in the editing process as you would like.

Final Product
The final product is viewed on a private password protected viewing channel or in studio. After approval, it can be placed on the internet where it can be used to educate clients about your product. The finished product can also be burned to DVDs or into a MPEG 4file.

Here is example of a video we created to promote the proper use of a product.

Blade Block Instructional video draft2 from Cholla Channel on Vimeo.