Live Performances

Video Trailer for performance.

Cholla Production recorded the entire performance in a one-camera video shoot at Feinsteins 54 Below New York City on February 23, 2018.  Here is where you can find the entire performance


Opening Scene of the Opera, “Seven Rabbits on A Pole”:

I worked with Pasquade Tassone at the Longy School of Music producing a full performance of his one-act chamber opera. He wanted three performances recorded so we could get the best performance on the final product. The budget allowed for a one-camera shoot of each performance. We decided to record each of the three performances from different locations in the theater; one in the balcony, one stage right, and one stage left.

Arizona Country Television:

Cholla Production LLC provided audio, video recording, and editing for this performance of Stephanie Easton Band at Tom Ryan’s in Chandler, Arizona in 2011. This is a two-camera shoot that we did for “The Arizona Country TV show”.

Tonya and Nancy Chamber Opera:

Cholla Production recorded three performances of Tonya and Nancy Chamber Opera in the balcony and two other locations in the theater. This was recorded back in May of 2006 in Standard Definition.