Music Videos

Music Videos are used to promote an artist’s work. The video editor does this by following the story of the song and creating a video narrative. This encourages the audience to engage and create a deeper connection with the artist and their music.

Chroma Keying

Chroma from Cholla Channel on Vimeo. Chroma Keying gives you the option of placing a photo or video background in your production, which will enhance the quality of content in your production.

Video Editing

Editing – remove unwanted footage, create a story that flows, add effects, graphics, music, etc. Editing your Videos from Cholla Channel on Vimeo.

Cholla Production Story

Cholla Production story and how it all got started. Bill Searle tells how he started Cholla Production. You can tell your story at a discount of $60 off the regular price, which would be $99/hour. For more information call 602-799-6734 or visit the website...

Happy Halloween 2020

Here is a video from 2012. My Neighbor and friend Paul really got into the holidays. He decorated his house for most of them. Here he gives you a tour of his Halloween decorations. We enjoyed having a neighbor and miss him.

Show your business with a video ad

Quality information packed video to share with potential clients. See how we can help you enhance your message with a professional look. Studio Fall Special $99/hour Contact us for more information at 602-799-6734 Recording at our Studio from Cholla Channel on...

Hobo Joe

  Hobo Joe a giant roadside attraction in Buckeye. For more of his story…/buckeye-hobo-joe…/16843313/  Hobo Joe Buckeye from Cholla Channel on Vimeo.