Commercials and Video Advertising

 Cholla Production works with clients, from concept to final production to produce advertising and promotional materials.

Video Advertising is customized to meet the client’s specific marketing needs.


See how they used the videos I produced to enhance their website

A video that Presents Clients’ Qualifications to provide a Service 

Intro Video from Cholla Channel on Vimeo.

Video is an excellent way to present your qualifications and service. A short video that is less than a minute long provides your potential customer with a quick, informative view of your qualifications and service.

Intro Video from Cholla Channel on Vimeo.

Book Trailers market books the same way Movie Trailers market movies. Tease readers into wanting more by taking them on an adventure or teaches them something new.

Real Estate Video :

The right client can find the right house when it is advertised with video.

Event Promotions:

Attract fans to your event by showcasing the talent with video.

Actors Testimonial for show.

Whitney Winfield as Nancy Kerrigan from Cholla Channel on Vimeo.

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