What is the Basic Pricing?

Record  HD or SD Video -One Camera $159.00/Hour.

Two Cameras $349/Hour. Price includes Set Up of lights and set. Can record at your location or in our studio

Edit Video to a finished product $59.00/Hour. Editing times depend on the content of the final product please call for pricing.

Where can you have high quality videos recorded?

At our studio Paradise Valley Mall 4568 E Cactus Rd M110, Phoenix, AZ 85032. In the studio we can utilize a green screen and other backgrounds. The green screen allows us to add a picture or logo in the background. We also provide a teleprompter, which enables you to read a script properly while on camera.

Does Cholla Production charge a traveling fee?

A fee for Video Shoot greater than 75 miles one way from our studio.

Does Cholla Production give back to the community?

Cholla Production offers discounts to non-profits that give back to the community.

What are some Packages?

Customer Testimonial Special. We will professionally record your Customer Testimonial, up to 5 minutes in length in a 30 minute recording session, edit it to a finished product with a title for $150.

Event Special.  We will record your event, then edit it to a final product.  Price does not include audio for more than two microphones. More microphones are available for an additional fee.

Professional audio mixing available for music or spoken word is available for additional fees. The event can also be edited into promotional videos for additional editing fees.

One camera $449.00/hour of presentation, two cameras $899.00/hour of presentation. (Prices include recording the event and basic editing it as a event)

Does Cholla Production offer discounts for ongoing projects?

Price goes down 10% after 5th video in the series.