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Weekly or monthly video post allows you to keep in touch and inform clients new information.


Arizona Country Television Show on Brusally Ranch

I worked with a client who was attempting to get an over-the-air TV show on the air. Our host was a movie star, stunt woman Bobbi Jeen Olson. We recorded this feature at the Brusally Ranch in northern Arizona.

Brusally Ranch from Cholla Channel on Vimeo

Cast Promotional Video for Tonya and Nancy The Rock Opera

Cast Promotional from Cholla Channel on Vimeo.


JSE Automotive
Customer Testimonial for a mechanic that I have been doing business with for years.

Bill Thomason NLP Skills

Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer Bill Thomason uses videos for instructional aides and promotional purposes.

Definition of NLP from Cholla Channel on Vimeo.