Public Speakers and others with valuable information to share can earn a additional income by presenting their information on a professionally produced video or series of videos. A Pay-Per-View website allows you to charge a fee to view the video or series of videos presented on a  website. The videos can be set up on a video server like U-tube or Vimeo as private view videos. The videos can then be embedded on a page that can be viewed after paying a fee.

These videos can be either recordings of Power Point type presentations, Instructional Videos, Do it Yourself Video or Entertainment type video that people would be willing to pay a fee to see.

I recently worked with Wes Zimmerman and Coleen Cox on creating, recording and editing the video portion of “Reconfigure Your Life”, a six session educational seminar offered as a pay-per-view educational class on getting back into dating after losing a life long partner due to death or divorce.

Session one was reading material. Sessions two thru six were all video presentation.

We recorded most of sessions two thru six in one recording session. First we recorded Wes and his team members.

Each team member recorded all of their contributions to the project in single sessions

so not to tie up too much of their time recording.

Then the show was edited together per the script so that the team members with more then one presentation

were spread out thru the five part script.

This project was originally put together as a Power Point Presentation.

So the Power Point slides were loaded into my Avid Editing system as J-Pegs and placed in there appropriate spots though out the story line.

The talent was placed on either sides of the Power Point Slides throughout the show to create a more visually interesting presentation.

The entire five part video presentation was viewed by the customer and participants and after changes and approval

the final copy was made and set up for pay per view

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